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A ritual rebirth from mother Earth.



Temazcal Life is inspired by Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican bathing practices; temazcal or temazcalli comes from the Nahuatl words temaz (steam) and calli (house).

The temazcal bath has been widely used in North and Central America for centuries. This tradition was meant to purify the body and the mind. We believe this is because a simple self care ritual has the power to renew our entire self.

Picture our ancestors, gathering in a small lodge, sitting on the ground around a fire pit, and bathing in the steam of herbal infusions. The rebirth from mother Earth and a careful renewal of the spirit is a tradition worth preserving.



Temazcal Life products are handmade with natural ingredients and herbal scents to help lift your daily self care rituals with deep aromas and rich textures.